The Night After Christmas ….

Twas the night after Christmas when all through the house

All of us were sleeping except one little mouse.

She was watching tv and texting a friend….

When all of a sudden she heard a slight noise….

The sound of the front door knob…OMG what is that?

It stopped for short time but now sounds on the side …

And then banging and pounding on the front door, what the hell???

Out of bed she flew and yelled “call 911″

We all awakened with a startle and crouched in the bedroom

911 Dispatcher…”stay where you are”, “they are on the way”

More pounding and pounding then quiet again.

Then noise at the back door OMG he is in…

“Hurry…please hurry…I said on the phone…someone is in

We are not alone…

Flashes of ugly thoughts running wild in head…

The doctor in Connecticut …his whole family was dead.

“Hurry please hurry”….. I said.

“They are in the area….stay where you are….the back door is locked” she said…

How could that be…oh no ….someone has to come down the police can’t get in

Oh no…what if…there is a gun or a knife???

“Be careful Dad” I heard my daughter say …. she locked the bedroom door as he left..

The police are in and searching the house.

I can’t talk anymore my mouth is so dry….here is the phone

My daughter took over the 911 call…”Get down”…she repeated…”get down on the floor”.

Blurry…I am not feeling well…do you want an ambulance ….no…I’ll be alright.

They got him……

Thank God!!!

In the window-well, northside…

Looking for Paul….no one here by that name….seems to be drunk they said…

We are taking him in…

Thank you….all of you…we seem to be safe…

Or are we….the police are gone and there is no more sleep to be had.

Moving furniture back that was blocking bedroom door

Trying to understand why….

In the days that would follow…. disorderly conduct, underage drinking to blame????

How could that be???

Many questions to answer…

Safe at home…not really…not ever.

Not over yet….

Night time the worst…set the alarm go to bed…lay awake and listen with a feeling of dread.

This is a true account of what happened at our home … after the Christmas holiday. It was horrifically traumatic.

Please lock your doors at night and do not think that it could not happen where you live….it could

I pray it does not.

About lorettelavine

Wife, mother, grandmother, registered nurse, licensed clinical social worker, blogger. Parent and child advocate, involved in life.
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