Hero intern….


Do you have the ability to do something like this intern did in the midst of an active shooting? Or for that matter do you know CPR.

This young man used his training to help during the tragic shooting in Arizona.

Knowing CPR and some emergency care is basic and should in my opinion be a requirement in high school. It is an easy way to make so many equipped to handle an emergency situation should it happen even in your own home.

There is a CPR app for your I-phone which shows CPR for adults and children. Now granted you may not have time for a review but hopefully you will look at it when you download it.

We live in an age when violence happens more frequently…I personally would never have imagined having to have a procedure in the workplace which describes what to do if there is an active shooter in the area. In addition we even had a “mock drill” …lock down and all….so scary but so necessary when you work in a medical center.

Let’s here it for Mr. Hernandez and his quick actions which may have saved Congresswoman Gifford’s life.

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Wife, mother, grandmother, registered nurse, licensed clinical social worker, blogger. Parent and child advocate, involved in life.
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