Metra Ready To Test ‘Quiet Cars’

Metra Ready To Test ‘Quiet Cars’.

This will be a wonderful thing….”quiet cars” on commuter trains.
Frankly, I do not know how anyone traveling to work on the train can stand to listen to the conversations of others talking on their cellphones. When I am confined in a small space with 100 or so of my not so “closest friends” the very last thing I want to know is anything about their personal life or what they are having for dinner.

Now… I am wondering what will happen if the airlines ever allow cellphone use onboard flights. I will have to order professional earplugs like musicians wear…very expensive but worth it not to hear inane cellphone conversations.

Apparently, New Jersey Transit has already instituted this “quiet car” option and is already to roll it out on all its lines…how come Chicago is behind in this??? What about New York…I wonder if they are following suit…how could they allow New Jersey to move ahead of them on this??? That is just not like New York….

Now wouldn’t it be something if there are more riders opting for the quiet cars than there are available seats…

What do you think and where will you be sitting?

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