“Snowy Day”

Oh to be snowed in…

Tomorrow may be the day you never really know around Chicago at this time of year.

I look at a snow day at home much like an artist views an episode of situational depression. It has been said that many artists are very productive when they are actually depressed…not so depressed that they cannot get out of bed but just “down”. Many famous painters and writers have produced works  that hang in our museums and are found on our bookshelves.

So, I do not look at a snow day or a period of time when I am confined to the house as a non-productive time.

It is a time to do things that I would not normally have the time to do or to think about things that I would like to do and then perhaps actually make time to do some of them while I am  “snowed in”.

So “snowed in” takes on a whole new definition in my life. It is a time for me to take a “time out” and use the talents that sometimes lay dormant on the days that I am just “snowed” with obligations and work and no excuse for not doing them.

Thank you to “snow” whenever you fall!

About lorettelavine

Wife, mother, grandmother, registered nurse, licensed clinical social worker, blogger. Parent and child advocate, involved in life.
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