Organized….not so much…

Barbara Reich Organizes the Homes of New York’s Elite –

Organizer is definitely not a career choice for me…I admittedly do have a fair amount of clutter which surrounds me in every room except my living room.

What does this say about me…I am not quite sure.

What is it about “clutter” that is so offensive??? Why are some of us obsessed with “de-cluttering” and hiring people to actually help us?

I admit…I once hired someone to help me and it cost me dearly.

Ms. “Organizer” blew through my kitchen like a hurricane…she did not teach me anything I did not know and she cost me $300.00 for one afternoon. She literally, took over and purged without mercy. When she left I was left with a huge laundry basket full of “stuff” that no longer had a home. Oh….and did I mention…I also had a pounding headache.

Five years later… that basket still sits in my basement…half empty as some “stuff” has migrated its way back to the kitchen.

What has helped me the most with organization over 33 years of marriage? Moving.

Moving forces you to “cull” your possessions. We moved five times in the first 7 years of our marriage so each time some of our stuff thankfully never made it to our new home.

It is almost time to move again, but this time we have lived in one place for 16 years…yikes!

This will be a challenge but I will not hire anyone to help…I will happily revisit the past as I purge things that induce happy memories but are not the memories themselves.

One thing I know is, I will keep the photos…those I simply cannot “trash”. I love photos and the pleasure that comes with looking at them.

I have realized that organizing is just not what it is cracked up to be… my life is meant to be somewhat “chaotic”.  I would not know what to do if it was not.

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Wife, mother, grandmother, registered nurse, licensed clinical social worker, blogger. Parent and child advocate, involved in life.
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