Rags to Riches…

Ted Williams meets Dr. Phil, Lakers and, oops, the LAPD

via Ted Williams meets Dr. Phil, Lakers and, oops, the LAPD | Ministry of Gossip | Los Angeles Times.

“Ted Williams’ race down the fame highway has hit a few bumps, with police responding to a disturbance at his hotel Monday night and the homeless man with the golden voice giving an interview afterward describing an altercation with one of his daughters.

In a matter of days, the onetime DJ who wound up homeless due to drug and alcohol addiction, not to mention prison time, has gone from panhandling on the streets of Ohio to appearing on TV and radio and capturing hearts around the world with his baritone voice and second-chance fairy tale.” via The LA Times

As a social worker this article commands me to comment on the actions of “Dr. Phil”and the media in general with regard to Ted Williams’ so called come back from drug and alcohol abuse to sudden fame.

Ted Williams is on a “roller coaster” ride which professionals like Dr. Phil are well aware. He is a very fragile man and to put him in the spotlight for the sake of “ratings”, in my opinion, is a form of abuse.

Professionals that deal with long term drug and alcohol abusers are now commenting on Mr. Williams’ very complex history  and the effects of all of the recent “media” hype that has surrounded him.

Now the best thing that could happen to Ted is beginning to take place…Ted Williams has checked into “rehab” at an undisclosed location according to the morning news.

Hopefully, Mr. Williams will be given a chance to mend his family relationships and be given the support that he so desperately needs to go on with his life alcohol and drug free.

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