“Everything’s coming up Roses”….

“THE first sign of spring this year in New York may be the work of Will Ryman, whose site-specific art installation, “The Roses,” will be unveiled on Jan. 25. It will cover 10 blocks of Park Avenue with an unseasonable crop of giant pink and red rose blossoms.”

This will be the sight residents between 57th and 67th Streets on Park Avenue in NY may see when they look out there windows come the end of January.

“Those with apartments overlooking the Park Avenue Mall between 57th and 67th Streets may feel as if they’re hallucinating when they wake up to Mr. Ryman’s clusters of nearly 40 buds ranging from 5 to 10 feet in diameter, with the longest stems among them sprouting 25 feet above the street.”

Personally, I would love this to be my “window on the world” .

The artist originally wanted to be a playwright but turned the “props” into the play itself. What a unique lens from which to view life. In Ryman’s “play” the props replaced the actors.

I don’t know about you but when the “props” in my life become my life usually I am feeling overwhelmed and out of control.

Fortunately, for me this does not happen very often. But when it does I seek the calming effects of yoga or I visit the “Adoration Chapel” at my parish church for some peaceful moments.

Quiet praying, breathing and sitting with my thoughts is how I manage to put things back into perspective.

The gorgeous roses in the middle of one of my favorite avenues in the world, a place that I used to call home, remind me of the thorny beauty of life.

What an appropriate setting for this art work… New York, a place where the “props”could easily become the “theatre”.

via Will Ryman’s ‘Roses’ to Push Petals on Park Avenue – NYTimes.com.

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