These Boots are meant for walking…

These boots are meant for walking warmth…

Health Hazards Festering in Your Sheepskin Winter Boots – StyleList.

I wear “UGGS” almost every day especially when the temperatures are as frigid as they have been in recent days.

I don’t know about you but when my feet are cold I cannot get warm.

You can imagine that I was a little upset seeing this blurp on AOL…especially since I wear them most of the time as slippers without socks. I also wear the boots without socks since I was told that is the best way to enjoy their warmth…so much for that.

I want to keep my feet warm and healthy so I will wear socks and of course I will change them everyday…but I will not give up my UGGS or my TOMS.

Here are the highlights of the news item:

“What you may not know is thatĀ your favorite comfy boots are the ideal breeding ground for a host of foot problems like fungus, odor and chronic painful inflammation of the sole, especially if you wear them continuously for hours on end.

Fungus breeds in warm, moist environments exactly like those found in sheepskin winter boots, which can lead to a persistent issue that is just as tough to get rid of as it is embarrassing.

“The boot creates an environment conducive to growth of fungus, which can manifest as athlete’s foot when on skin and as fungal nails when nails are involved. This situation is exacerbated if you tend to get sweaty feet,” says Zong.

While there are a myriad of foot fungus treatments at the drugstore, nail fungus is far more stubborn, and will require a prescription from a podiatrist to fully clear up. The best strategy for prevention is to make the environment of your boots less hospitable to fungus growth.

Wear socks: Many people go barefoot in sheepskin boots, but that can spell fungal disaster. Opt for clean cotton or moisture-wicking acrylic socks that allow the feet to breathe properly and wear a fresh pair every day. Materials like nylon and polyester don’t allow moisture to absorb.”

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