“Law and Order” in Brooklyn…

“When the thief picked the lox, the cops shouted, “Spread ’em!”

A bagel-brained bandit stuffed a dozen packs of smoked salmon in his pants at a Brooklyn deli — but got schmeared by a couple of workers before he could get out the door, police said yesterday.

And now he’s the catch of the day at Rikers.”

via Lox thief tries to steal 12 packs of smoked salmon from Borough Park Deli – NYPOST.com.

I came across this New York story and had to share it… I am smiling as I write this.

As you may or may not know my roots are in New York where like my mother and her mother, I grew up.

As I read this human interest story ….I knew my mother and grandmother would be laughing. I still love sharing laughs with them.

I share it with you…to highlight what a neighborhood “watch” is all about in Brooklyn.

I hope you are now smiling as well….


About lorettelavine

Wife, mother, grandmother, registered nurse, licensed clinical social worker, blogger. Parent and child advocate, involved in life.
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