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‘Worn-Out Fashion Terms

Published: December 30, 2010

LEAVE it to fashionistas to try on new buzzwords like they’re going out of style. Whether it was our bromance with heritage brands, or the shellacking that some collaborations took, 2010 saw no shortage of P.R.-driven catchphrases and trendy terms. As with all fads, it’s time to put some to rest.’

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I knew I was somewhat out of touch when “D.I.Y.” appeared in an article that I was reading and the meaning was unknown to me. A quick click on my “Blackberry” and there it was “do it yourself”.

You can imagine how happy I was when I came across this article recently in the New York Times’ “SundayStyles”. It was a glossary of trendy terms of 2010.

Now since I “tumble” on Tumblr…here are a few terms from the New York Times that should be among my “catchphrase” vocabulary.

Couture…no longer means hand sewn or high class as it is repeatedly used on HSN and QVC.

Bespoke…close in meaning these days to the word “couture”. Used to make things seem tonier than they really are.

Statement outfits…attention grabbing pieces that all of us want to wear sometimes.

Smoldering…another description for a “hot” outfit.

Pop-up…refers to pop-up stores that hit the forefront like “Liberty of London for Target”. A new retail concept like it or not?

Fashionista…” a lazy and cheap byword for anyone with a modicum of taste”.

Collaboration…another word that was over used. Where has “solo” designing gone?

Concept store….still not sure what exactly this is!

Geek-chic…is there such a thing? Yes, thick framed glasses with cardigans …AKA “nerd”

Eco-Fashion…vegan clothes…faux leather and organic cottons etc

D.I. Y. … my personal favorite…made by loving hands at home…found on

Heritage…Woolrich sweaters, Americana…this stuff ruled men’s wear.

Mash-up…”looks that blend multiple influences” …a mash-up of East meets West.

Fashion has always been something that I have enjoyed over the years but as one ages it is so easy to become out of touch especially when marketing is no longer geared to you or the “stuff” that is marketed to you is not what you are interested in… mostly due to denial. Ah…denial what a wonderful defense mechanism.

So in honor of “denial” I will try to stay tuned in and remain a “smoldering fashionista”

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