“All day long, he eats a vegan diet. But after about 6 p.m., anything goes.

In his newest book, “Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating With More Than 75 Recipes,” Mark explains how increasing fruit and vegetable consumption and reducing dependence on processed foods will lead to better health not only for your body, but also for the planet. He explained his “vegan before dinnertime” strategy recently on the Leonard Lopate show:”

via Vegan Before Dinnertime – NYTimes.com.

Mark Bittman is the “Minimalist” who appears in the Food Section of the NYTimes. He last column appears this week. He has given his readers including me a lot of “food for thought” about how we eat.

Just the word minimalist conjures up a certain vision of unappetizing foods for me…what about for you?  I learned that this is an erroneous vision when it comes to Mark Bittman’s version of “minimalist”.

Mark simplified food for me and encouraged me to think about how I was eating during my day.

He challenged me to try “VB6″ ….”vegan before 6pm”.

Now, I did not really understand what the term “vegan” meant when I embarked on this diet adjustment but I was willing to learn. Surprisingly, I did not have to adjust too much of my daily routine…salads, legumes, and whole grains were already part of my staples.

So although, I did not have to add anything to my diet, I did have to let go of some of my favorites….I am a fan of afternoon sweets or really anytime sweets. Refined sugars had to go and fruit had to replace my yen for chocolate late in the day or at least I had to wait until 6pm.

Admittedly, I am not a “strict vegan” and I continue to eat yogurt mainly “Activia” because I find it personally good for me.

However, now you will find me shopping more carefully in the periphery of the grocery store where the fresh foods and veggies are located.

Thank-you, Mark!

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