Mental Health on Campus….not just college campus

“A new survey shows a rapidly widening gender gap in mental health on campus. Kristina Dell on why young women are surging academically—and falling apart psychologically.

When it comes to competing for collegiate dominance, women have become the new MVPs. The data that have rolled in over the past few years show women applying to colleges in greater numbers than men and earning more degrees. But a new survey on stress in college freshmen reveals something the stats won’t tell you: As they arrive on campus for orientation, more and more women are struggling to hold it together psychologically.”

via Mental Health on Campus: Why Women are Struggling – The Daily Beast.

Stress on college campuses is nothing new…but this recent news is not good for women on campus who are struggling with mental health issues.

Some universities such as NYU are increasing the number of social workers on staff to assist students who are dealing with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

As far as I am concerned I think that this idea is long overdue…by the time kids get to college their problems have been brewing already during high school and maybe even earlier.

We need to wake up to this fact and begin by offering students help in the junior high schools and high schools with more social workers and nurses on staff.

It seems to me that many school districts wish to deny the facts….students are having sex, drinking and using drugs…they are experiencing depression and anxieties….there is bullying going on.

Schools need to be much more pro-active with these issues and parents need to recognize that their kids are facing some serious problems. They are not going away by themselves.

The colleges and universities are also at fault here…they too are concerned about their reputations and funding by their alums.  It is time that they face the unpleasant facts and start to focus on the serious needs of their present student population so that they will continue to have successful alums.

It truly takes a “village” to raise a child no matter the socio-economic background. Parents and schools share a large responsibility, they need to be willing to acknowledge that first serious problems exist and then work together with their children to fix them.

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