Obesity and reality TV’s pros, cons

Pros, cons of reality TV’s approach to weight loss

Reality shows such as ‘The Biggest Loser’ may be motivating viewers at home — but also setting them up for disappointment or health risk. Experts weigh in on the good and the harm.

By Brendan Borrell, Special to the Los Angeles Times

These days, the only people who don’t seem to mind a few extra pounds are the executive producers of reality TV shows that center on weight loss. Series such as “The Biggest Loser” and its various spinoffs and copycats, including “Losing It With Jillian,” “I Used to Be Fat” and “Heavy,” fill the small screen with the travails of America’s flabby majority.

via Weight loss: Obesity and reality TV’s pros, conlatimes.com.

I like to present both sides of  a blog when I can. So here is an interview that appeared in the LA Times recently that revisits my post on reality “weight loss”.

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