“PostaDay”…publish or perish…

The “post a day” challenge is definitely not easy.

But it has been more than a month and I have only missed up on a couple of posts.

Here are some of the things that I do to stay on target.

1. Try to find topics each morning before the day really gets started.

2. Look at Facebook, Twitter and several newspapers for writing ideas.

3. Use the “Press This” function as I scan some of my selected topics of interest so that I can keep track of them.

4. Put a time limit on brainstorming so that time does not runaway.

5. Take a break…15-45 minutes or longer. Do something else, yoga or take a walk to clear my head before selecting a topic.

6. Take 60 minutes to write and edit.

7. Another short break…then do the final edit and preview.

8. In the evening after dinner…do some brainstorming about what to write the next day based on the “Press This” list.

Hopefully, as time goes on I will accumulate enough topics to keep my blog going and keep in interesting. This could be wishful thinking…I hope not.

My final tip is to stay in touch with life’s “ah ha” moments.

These really do deserve a blog.



About lorettelavine

Wife, mother, grandmother, registered nurse, licensed clinical social worker, blogger. Parent and child advocate, involved in life.
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