Serene Branson…

This video has been all over the news since the Grammy Awards.

Reporter Serene Branson garbled her speech on air ….what was going on?

This is a teaching moment for healthcare and an important one.

You should never have unexplained garbled speech and not make a visit to the emergency room no matter what age you are.

This could be a sign of a very serious condition…lets face it, the brain is very complicated and anything involving its function is important. When blood flow to the brain is interrupted for any reason, speech, memory and physical abilities like walking can be affected. Denial of the seriousness of such signs as garbled speech can lead to ignoring complications associated with TIAs (transient ischemic attacks), brain tumors or seizure disorders.

Woman have learned that they are more at risk for being ignored when experiencing heart attacks because their symptoms can be different than those of their male counterparts and may be not the classic ones described most often in PSAs.

From the news reports Serene was seen by paramedics was doing well, someone then drove her home. What should have happened?

Serene would have been better off going to the emergency room and being seen by a neurologist who would have undoubtedly kept her for observation.

As Dr. Nancy Snyderman stated this morning on the Today Show, Serene will be having a “long-term relationship with her neurologist”.

Neurology Symptoms not to ignore:

Recent trauma to the head or other area

Visual changes, photophobia

Dizziness, vertigo

Mental status changes (including changes in behavior, personality, or cognition; short-term memory loss; mental slowing; reading comprehension difficulties; changes in personal appearance and grooming habits)

Seizures (description, duration, number)


Sensory symptoms

Weakness (distinguish weakness from fatigue or pain; determine whether bilateral or focal, proximal or distal)

via Neurologic Symptoms.

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