School Lunch…new choices

“Some people think that if you serve it, they will eat it,” said Wansink, whose research is available online at “But if you take away something people like and just hope they will take the new healthy thing without you goosing it, you often find that kids just won’t eat school lunches — they’ll eat a lot worse.”

via School food: What do Chicago students think of healthier school food? –

It seems that new changes in school lunch choices are not going so well.

Is that a surprise? I don’t think so!

Since when do kids go along with changes in their diets and foods without anything to say about it like YUK!

If you take the salt out of foods it does not take a food connoisseur to taste the immediate difference. Now if the salt is “excessive” as it is in some processed foods then the difference is even more pronounced.

Abrupt changes to comply with new imposed food regulations for school lunches could mean that kids are not even eating lunch and we know that is not a good thing.

Maybe we could heed some recommendations from experts on marketing new things to teenagers. Perhaps an incentive or two…like quicker lines for those in the salad line or whatever it takes.

Changing teenage taste buds will not happen overnight especially in school and then of course what happens when they go home?

You cannot legislate taste.

Taking salt out of the school lunch foods is not the final answer. Serving tasty healthy foods to teenagers will take working with the kids we are trying to help.

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3 Responses to School Lunch…new choices

  1. I would love to see organic healthy foods in school cafeterias. They say that it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit. My thoughts is that it would probably take even longer for taste buds accustomed to junk foods.

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