Dr. Oz or “Wizard of OZ”

“The other day I received a note from the Dr. Oz PR team informing me of his upcoming show (aired two days ago) on the HCG diet.

For those of you who don’t know, the HCG diet is one of those ridiculous injection diets. The kind where you see a physician who prescribes an insanely low number of daily calories (500) along with injections. Here in Canada those injections are usually B-vitamins , while in the States they’re often Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG injections for weight loss aren’t kosher here in Canada).”

via Weighty Matters: Dr. Oz – so corrupted by fame he evensells himself out..

So many viewers trust Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz and hang onto every word that they utter.

This is not a good thing…

Discussions are good and I am all for that but when fame and fortune enters into the picture… viewers beware.

As a medical professional, I know that one person cannot be an expert on everything as in the case of Dr. Oz.

So viewers should watch these shows created by Oprah’s empire with care.

These doctor shows are for entertainment first and whatever you learn should be discussed further with your own physician.

I hope that the above link helps to explain the inconsistencies in what television doctors discuss.

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