Canada’s Response to “junk food”… I love this blog…check it out!

OTTAWA – Taxpayers will no longer fork out funds to ship Cheez Whiz, tires and snowmobile parts to Canada’s North under the federal government’s new market-driven food-delivery program, says Minister John Duncan.

“Some of the recent controversy has not been counterproductive,” Duncan said during a media briefing Thursday. “In fact, I think it’s been healthy.”

The feds are in the middle of phasing out the nearly 50-year-old Food Mail Program for the new Nutrition North Canada plan, which comes into full effect on April 1.

The old program subsidized air transportation via Canada Post to reduce the cost of shipping nutritious food and other essential items to northern and isolated communities.

But Canada Post was struggling with the rising costs of sending the food north, and there was little accountability on what was placed on the shipments, with INAC officials citing examples of bottled water and snowmobile parts being flown to remote communities with federal funds.

Under Nutrition North Canada, the feds will instead give subsidies to retailers for healthy foods and expect the companies to pass the savings on to consumers. The government is also trying to encourage northerners to buy more nutritious options by subsidizing them more heavily.

via Nutrition North plan more accountable: Duncan | Canada | News | Toronto Sun.

California is looking into “sin tax” on junk food but look what Canada is doing…somewhat outrageous but it sure makes the purchase of Cheez Whiz something to reconsider.

What do you think of the government’s attempt at policing what people eat?

What approach do you favor?

I am glad that I don’t really crave Cheez Whiz and live in Canada.

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