Northwestern live sex demonstration: my thoughts…

“Reporting from Chicago — A Northwestern University professor who allowed a live sex demonstration on campus last month issued a tepid, slightly defensive apology Saturday, saying that while he wouldn’t make the same decision again, he would give those who disapprove of what he did an F for their arguments.

via Northwestern live sex demonstration: Professor apologizes –”

My guess is you would have to be living under a rock here in Chicago, to not have heard about this “learning experience” at Northwestern University.

Apparently, the professor has issued an apology and states that he would not be providing this experience for students of his class in the future.

I guess I can understand the complaints of the parents and public in general to this out of class experience but part of me wants to revisit my own experience in a Human Sexuality Class at NYU .

In the late 70’s, as part of my Masters degree in nursing, I enrolled in a Human Sexuality course at NYU. To say it was an unusual course is an understatement.

Some of the requirements included attending a play at the Village Gate in which the performers for the most part were nude.

Another requirement was a class overnight…which I did not attend due to conflicts in my full-time work schedule. We also viewed pictures of various sex acts as part of the class.

Now remember this was the 70’s so sexuality was a “hot” topic. This class was the most unique and troublesome one of all the courses that I took at NYU both as an undergraduate and graduate student. The instructors were somewhat weird as well.

I was given an incomplete for this particular course because I did not attend the overnight class…and to make matters worse the instructors took a sabbatical the very next semester and left me no requirements for completing the course. When they returned my graduation date had passed. Eventually I did complete their requirements to remove the incomplete and was allowed to graduate a semester late.

In reality…living and attending college in NYC allowed me to learn all that I needed to know about “human sexuality” at 26 years of age. Times Square had not been “cleaned” up yet. There were peep shows and sex shops right around Macy’s …you know where they have Santa and the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Everything just seemed to co-exist…but not really.  The crowds were always there for the shows some which were free and others were not.

photo credits: Photofest; the Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Historic American Buildings Survey or Historic American Engineering Record (HABS, NY,31-NEYO,91-1); the Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Gottscho-Schleisner Collection (LC-USZC4-4736 DLC); and Corel

There was our neighborhood “flea bag” hotel “The Cavalier” on East 34th St which provided for afternoon rendezvous.

Prostitutes used to come out of doorways as I walked to work early in the morning in “the City that never sleeps”. Human sexuality was everywhere.

My work environment provided its own course in Human Sexualtiy…doctors and nurses had their own “General Hospital”…”Grey’s Anatomy” going on.

So you want to know my opinion on the Northwestern professor’s extracurricular class?Totally unecessary….voyeurism…go and rent a “porno” movie with a significant other.

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