The Chip Aisle …

The Naked Truth About The Chip Aisle : Shots – Health Blog : NPR.

“Quick, which has more fat: those fancy Terra Krinkle Cut Sweet Potato chips or good old curved Pringles in a can? You might guess Pringles, but you’d be wrong. They have 9 grams, while the premium orange chips have 11 grams. And the distinction could be useful if you’re on the hunt for a healthier chip.

A dietician says chip portion size is more important than what’s in them.

But comparing all the salt, fat, and calorie information on the fly can leave you standing in the grocery aisle, scratching your head.”

When I walk down the “chip” aisle in my grocery store I am on a mission.

That mission is to find something salty and satisfying to my craving. I am always looking for “more bang for my binging”. That is more chips for my calories.

And yes I have found that chip…well it isn’t really a chip it is a straw.

“Veggie Straws Nutrition and Calories in 1OZ Serving

I love these as snacks and dole them out to myself according to the calorie and portion recommendation.

Healthy snacks of fresh fruits and vegetables for me are always preferable but….I do love the salt and crunchiness of chips.

So skip the confusion and head for the “Sensible Portions” section of the “chip” aisle and indulge.

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