The Art of Now…

The has been a lot in the news about mindfulness and its connection to happiness.

Mindfulness is about being and living in the present moment. You can experience the moment by focusing on your breathe. When you do this you are in the moment…not in the past…not in the future.

It seems that those who are able to engage in the moment can deal with their problems in a clearer way and they are more accepting of their own personal weaknesses.

Psychology Today talks about “6 steps” to living in the “moment”. They are:

  • unselfconsciousness
  • savoring
  • breathe
  • flow
  • acceptance
  • engagement

What is “unselfconsciousness”?

For me the best way to describe “unselfconsciousness” is to examine what it is like to be an adolescent.

Why is it so hard for the adolescent…well for one thing they are really very self-conscious. To an adolescent it seems that everyone is looking at them, their clothes, their hair …just about everything. Those years are so difficult and some of us never grow out of those feelings of anxiety.

Fortunately the truth is…people are not always judging you….you are not always “on stage” even though at times you may feel that way.

This is the reason anxious actors are told when they are “on stage” to just think that everyone in the audience is sitting there wearing their underwear and only their underwear. The thing you have to understand is that on stage actors really cannot clearly see the audience due to the glaring lights in their eyes. So this is entirely possible for the actor to do.

If you focus on your breath you will get into the moment you will not be able to focus on the anxiety of the moment and allow it to interfere with your moment “on stage”.

Mindfulness then involves a paradox. “Letting go of what you want is the only way to get it.”

Tomorrow:  “savoring”


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2 Responses to The Art of Now…

  1. patrick says:

    Now is a place I just passesd but can look back on by looking forwards at it… Ah, it’s all a bit confusing.

    • It is confusing…I admit. One of the best practitioners at mindfulness and a person who can help us understand it, is John Kabit-Zinn. His book “Full Catastrophe Living” wonderfully explains the concepts of mindfulness and helps you with implementing in your life.
      Thanks for your thoughts on this complex topic and thanks for reading. I will continue discussing mindfulness in future posts.

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