In March 2006, Jack Dorsey began writing the code for a simple program that would let his office mates send each other little messages. But more than e-mail or instant message, the idea was to let people send everyone in the office short 140-character status updates, either from their computers or via text message. Originally the project was called “Stat.us.”

But before long, it became Twitter.

Dorsey reminded the world about the inception of Twitter in a tweet Sunday: “5 years ago today we started programming Twitter (“twttr” for short). 8 days later the first tweet was sent: http://t.co/Vi5ii5A #twttr.”

Next Monday will be the fifth anniversary of that very first tweet:

via Twitter came to life five years ago this week; creator Jack Dorsey remembers | Technology | Los Angeles Times.

I write this post for those of you who are blogging and looking for more traffic to your blog.

Twitter is sort of the new “Facebook” in some ways. It is an important social media connection worth considering if you are currently not making use of it.

You may actually find that you enjoy it once you set up an account. It has moved beyond just following celebrities and “tweeting”about where you are going for lunch or dinner.

It is communicating about the earthquake in Japan and other important news as well as social and global issues.

Do you “Tweet”?

What are your thoughts about “Twitter”.

How do use “Twitter”?

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