Too Much Sharing of Feelings With Kids?

Wonderful post … I am a therapist and this really hits home.

But you do not have to be a therapist to appreciate this information….

What do you think? Do you analyze your kids to any degree?


By Dr. Richard Weissbourd

My wife and I believe strongly that it’s important for our kids to understand and express their feelings. But sometimes when we try to get our kids to explore why they’re sad, frustrated or angry, we cross a bright line, and our kids let us know it: “Stop trying to be my therapist.”

We are parents of the psychotherapeutic age. We are the generation that talks more about our feelings — and our children’s feelings — than perhaps any generation of parents in

the history of humankind. We know that keeping emotions bottled up can be unhealthy, and learning how to navigate and talk about them can be a key to gratifying relationships.

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