Is It Harder to Be a Celebrity Now?

Is It Harder to be a Celebrity Today?

I find this an interesting statement…especially since I remember some of the earlier days of Liz Taylor.

There was a lot of scandal that surrounded her romances and marriages.

Fortunately for Liz, at the time there was no Twitter…no Facebook….no Internet. So her stories had to be filtered through “movie mags” like “Photoplay“.

Those days are gone but the “stars” are not. They live under a microscope as do their children at times.

What do you think???

The debate in the NYTimes is available in the link below.

“Elizabeth Taylor’s life had all the glamour and myth that once only Hollywood could create. She was an icon in the public eye for seven decades, but her fame was of a different sort from that of entertainers now, even those with millions of followers on Twitter.

The old stars from Hollywood’s golden age were products of the industry and more protected from the public, for better or worse.


Timeline: Elizabeth Taylor

Is it harder to be a celebrity now? Does the constant demand of so much media — from social networks to nonstop Web coverage — make a difference? Or does this romanticize the past?

via Is It Harder to Be a Celebrity Now? – Room for Debate –

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