Food Police…watch out Popcorn and other snacks.

As the weekend approaches…the movie lists appear and I will be trying to decide which one I want to see.

One thing I hate is food at the movies….oh yes I have been to the theatres where you can sit and eat dinner but it is the selection that is not pleasing to me.

Sometimes, I actually carry in my own decaffeinated soda in a can shhh…and I snack on my husband’s barrel of cheese flavored popcorn.

Before our favorite theatre caught on to the flavored sprinkles…we brought along our own container. So instead of adding the “butter” we added our own “cheese sprinkles”.

One thing that I absolutely know for sure is…I am not interested in the nutritional information about any item behind the theatre’s concession counter…after all it is Saturday night..right?

After the movies…straight home or maybe a stop at Starbucks (in the winter) or the ice cream parlor (in the summer).

If you ask me to suggest what I would really enjoy at the movies…I am not sure.

But here is my dream which comes directly from my childhood memories…candy at the movies and then…..

After the movies…go to the nearest pizzeria and order a “hot pie” and a coke.



“The nation’s cinema operators are fuming about proposed federal rules that could require them to disclose the calories in their concession food — including popcorn, a highly profitable item for theater chains. Regulators could issue final rules as early as Wednesday that would force movie theaters to post calorie counts for popcorn, pretzels, hot dogs and other prepared foods sold in their cinemas. Packaged foods such as candy already carry nutritional information. via Popcorn, movies, nutrition, calories: Cinema chains fight federal nutrition disclosure rules on popcorn, other snacks –

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