Moviegoers…beware of the ‘Food Police’

TGIF…and perhaps a movie this weekend… but beware of the ‘Food Police’!

Movies prompt me to think about theater snacks which I have written about previously as well as the dreaded ‘bed bugs’ that threaten to accompany me home…

In the past few weeks there has been a lot of news about the ‘Food Police’ trying to have theaters make a full disclosure about the nutritional content of the snacks that they sell.

It seems to me, from what I have been reading, that for the most part people eat what they want despite the posted nutritional information.

I, for one, am wondering why this is so?

Even if this is the case I am in favor of having nutritional information available to the consumer.

That being said I am beginning to think that some of us do not know what a calorie actually is and are unaware of our own personal daily calorie requirements.

However, what we do know is whether we are grossly overweight.

So my dilemma is this.

Should we be making a big deal about posting nutritional information at the theaters? Does anyone really care?

Well, I can think of a couple of scenarios…which would make my answer to this question a YES.

  • if food options were available of lets say popcorn…one ‘heart healthy’ selection versus one that is the ‘heart attack’ version, nutritional info would verify this claim.
  • if someone has a medical condition such as diabetes or kidney disease which requires them to review nutritional information
  • if posting nutritional information discourages even a few people from eating unhealthy snacks.

I personally have admitted to bringing my own decaffeinated soda into the theater as I have heart arrhythmia issues which do not respond well to caffeine and I do not like the sugary, decaffeinated beverage choices that are available.

So perhaps theaters should think about offering healthy snacks alongside the snacks that they currently sell and see what happens. Just maybe it is actually possible to make a difference in a few patrons’ health.

I know, I know… money is of concern here but in the end may be the moviegoer will be healthier, live longer and thus be able to enjoy more trips to the theater.

Win-win for those concerned.

Next: reclining bicycles for seats…LOL!


“March 10 (Bloomberg) — Movie theater chains are fighting a U.S. requirement that they disclose that their popcorn contains as many as 1,460 calories, or equal to almost three Big Macs.

Chain restaurants with at least 20 U.S. locations will have to post the calorie content of menu items under a provision in the health-care law. Regulators will propose rules by March 23 and can include concession stands and grocery stores, according to guidance that came out last year.

via Movie Theaters Fight to Keep 1,460-Calorie Popcorn From Rule – Businessweek.

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