You Will Get Your Day in Court…

Today was a frustrating one!

During the holidays our ordinarily peaceful home was violated by a young man at the frightening hour of 3:30 a.m.

My family and I were sleeping when we heard someone banging outside and trying door knobs to get into our house.

Frantically, I made a 911 call and spent the next 30-45 minutes on the phone with the dispatcher. She was the voice of calmness.  She told  me … “they are on the way…they are in the area … they are outside ….they are searching inside…get down… they have apprehended someone…there is an officer outside your room you can come out now.”


Bedroom doors are not meant to be barricaded… and police with their guns drawn are not supposed to be walking around my house.

Since then, for me, my home is not quite the same especially at night.

I have now made two trips to court.

I have yet to even see the offender…a young college student, who was presumably drunk on that cold night in December.

Well surprise…today did not change anything…after finally making it through the metal detectors…I made my way to a 4th floor courtroom.

Now understandably, I am courtroom etiquette ignorant.

So upon entering the room I was instructed by the bailiff to approach the bench secretary. After searching for my case … she turned and gave me the bad news …

“Oh that case was heard last Friday…”


I had to hold back my desire to utter the letters “WTF”?

“So now what?” I politely asked…. she could not tell me anything else and now the bailiff was telling me to take a seat.

Take a seat? For what??? I thought.

Am I supposed to wait here until the next court date…whenever that is…Laugh to myself (LTM)

As I left Courtroom 4005, I looked around for an office where I could actually get some answers perhaps even the name of the State’s Attorney who was in charge of “my” case. Finally, I just walked through some doors that did not have a sign that said “Courtroom” on it.

Okay, now I am actually getting somewhere or am I?… “go down this hall and walk through the breezeway and then go up the elevator in the next building, that will be the  “State Prosecutor’s Office”. They can help you.”

Again…I think WTF!

But I follow the directions…and finally I meet Brigitta, aka. State Prosecutor administrative assistant….she tells me that the State vs. the defendant is going to be rescheduled….

“NO! Really??? Why?”

“I don’t know”, she said.

Really….does anyone “know anything?”

I think to myself.

I am the victim…does that count for anything? Seemingly not!

“Oh…and you will be subpoenaed if the defendent decides to go to trial…but if he decides to plead guilty that won’t be necessary.”

So after all this time what I know for sure:

  • my family and I endured an attempted home invasion
  • we are the victims
  • someone was apprehended and charged …he is the defendant
  • right now I am not sure what the charges actually are against the defendant
  • nothing has been decided
  • another court date is not yet scheduled
  • this would never make an episode of “Law and Order”
  • The Law has been broke…AND…
  • there is no Order…as of yet
  • to be continued….

About lorettelavine

Wife, mother, grandmother, registered nurse, licensed clinical social worker, blogger. Parent and child advocate, involved in life.
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