Caroline Kennedy….’She Walks in Beauty’

“We learn, too, that the most important work is not done by those who seem the most important, but by those who care the most……..

Women have always been the weavers of the world, literally and figuratively. We weave people together, we weave the experiences of life into patterns, and we weave our stories into words. Poetry has been one of the ways we do this. Poems distill our deepest emotions into a very few words — words that we can remember, carry with us, and share with others as we talk and weave the cloth of life.

via ‘She Walks in Beauty,’ Poems Selected by Caroline Kennedy – ABC News.

Caroline Kennedy has another book…She Walks in Beauty—

It is a collection of poems that relate to different periods in a woman’s life.

Poems can express so much in so few words.

Almost like blogging….Right?

Not exactly.

Caroline Kennedy is now in her fifties and has definitely had ‘a life’ which has been privileged but certainly she has experienced more than her share of personal losses and tragedy.

The Kennedy name evokes some of my most favorite childhood and adult memories and some of my saddest memories of times gone by.

Caroline is the only survivor of her immediate family which is something that she and I have in common.

It is hard place to be…

I look forward to reading this book of poems as I continue to weave the tapestry of my life.

“Women…weavers of patterns

Keepers of memories

Living Life.”  lorette lavine

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Wife, mother, grandmother, registered nurse, licensed clinical social worker, blogger. Parent and child advocate, involved in life.
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