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Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner gave a press conference earlier to provide updates on the budget negotiations and said “everyone is taking their time trying to get this right.” Then, in what seemed to be an attempt to lighten the mood and take a quick break from the seriousness of the issue, Boehner had a little fun ribbing NBC’s Luke Russert.

via John Boehner | Luke Russert Loud | Budget Press Conference | Mediaite.

I am following the news as Congress argues and fights about the budget. Shutting down of the government is such a serious situation with so many implications.

Planned Parenthood ( sign petition) is on the chopping block so to speak…funds could be severely cut to this organization that provides so much access to care for women. If it is shut down this, in my opinion, would be a travesty.

On a lighter note…I am happy to see Luke Russert in the media. As you may or may not remember he is the son of the late Tim Russert, who gave us so much when it came to covering politics in Washington, D. C.

It seems that Luke is following in his late father’s footsteps.

I sure hope he has the same tenacity that his dad had.

Welcome, Luke Russert!

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