Invited to Wed at McDonald’s …

Are you planning a wedding?

Well, if you want a destination wedding…you might want to consider Hong Kong where you can get married under the ‘Golden Arches’ at Mc Donald’s for a very reasonable price, except of course it does not include airfare.

I am not sure if McDonald’s offers wedding packages anywhere else but if you want this as your venue it may be worth investigating.

In my opinion, the cost of a wedding in today’s economic world borders on outrageous so this could become a thrifty fad…especially if you really love “hamburgers with special sauce, lettuce and cheese” better known as the ‘Big Mac’.

Here is the menu at McDonald’s Hong Kong

“In 2006, Hong Kong changed a law to allow for weddings held outside of places of worship or City Hall. Entrepreneurs quickly offered ceremonies on boats, in shopping malls and even under water in the aquarium of the Ocean Park theme park. McDonald’s, which has been in Hong Kong since 1975, is the first fast-food chain to get in on the lucrative trade.

via Hong Kong’s Couples Invited to Wed at McDonald’s –”

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