Deathly Happy???

“Does being around happy people make an unhappy person feel even worse?New research tracking suicide rates suggests it does.

The new findings help to explain what has long been a troubling paradox: the happiest places in the world tend to have the highest suicide rates.Numerous studies have shown that places like Denmark and Sweden that consistently score high on measures of happiness and life satisfaction also have relatively high suicide rates. Some social scientists speculate that the trends are probably unrelated and can be explained by regional factors like dark winters or cultural differences regarding suicide.

via Suicide Rates Highest in Happiest Places –

Interesting findings…if you are influenced by how other people feel and you are not that happy then you might want to live in someplace more like NYC…

If you pick a “happy” city and are not happy yourself it may be like watching your friends on Facebook… all of them posting good news and fun adventures….you might become depressed if you feel you are not having the same good times.

So better to be more balanced and have both happy and not so happy friends or at least have truthful friends….

Let’s face it no one is “happy” and having a good time all the time!     RIGHT?

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Wife, mother, grandmother, registered nurse, licensed clinical social worker, blogger. Parent and child advocate, involved in life.
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