Muffin Tops…

I am a big fan of “Weighty Matters” …it is a wonderful blog.

As a healthcare professional I have to attend quite a few meetings…I found this post amusing in that it describes what I have found to be true at about 90% of the meetings I have attended over the years.

I can never resist a “muffin top” or a bite of a nice glazed donut even though I know that

it is a healthy diet disaster.

In the recent past I have taken to bringing my own protein bar to snack on during the break and I try to eat breakfast at home, but the temptations are always there on the table as I enter the conference room.

I am glad I am not alone…thanks to “Weighty Matters” I know this to be true!

“For folks who care about nutrition, conferences can be tough events, and despite it having been a CON conference, the food was still challenging.

Take breakfast yesterday morning – a giant mound of muffins, fresh fruit, juice, and coffee. Nary a protein source to be found, and the muffins almost certainly each packing 500 calories and piles of sugar.

Now all told, the food at the CON conference was in fact better than most, but still likely was a long way from healthy.

The reason healthy conference food’s a challenge is because to a large degree, the conference organizers are at the mercy of the hosting hotel, and with food often being left to the end to arrange, conference organizers may not have much energy or leverage to advocate for health.

via Weighty Matters: Musings on the muffins at the Canadian Obesity Network conference..

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