Sugar…deserves a revisit….

A few weeks ago, I posted an article about sugar and its’ toxicity…in an effort to balance that information I want to continue the discussion.

For those of us who exercise on a regular basis, sugar and fructose may not pose as many risks.

So the discussion goes…on and on…foods declared “toxins” then declared “not so bad” or actually “healthful” for us.

So… the current available information begs us to keep an open mind and to remember MODERATION is usually best!

“Over all, Dr. Johnson said, the “current science suggests that exercise exerts a positive physiological influence” on some of the same metabolic pathways that sugar harms. “Exercise may make you resistant to the undesirable effects of sugar,” he said.

Not that any of us should live on sweets. “Sugar is not all bad,” Dr. Johnson concluded, “but it’s hardly nutritionally good, either.” The best sweet option, he added, is fruit, which comes prepackaged with a small but satiating dose of all-natural fructose.”

via Phys Ed: How Sugar Affects the Body in Motion –

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