Should McDonald’s fire Ronald?

I go to McDonald’s but I do not go there often nor do I eat some of their famous burgers…but that is not because I do not have a yearning for the taste of a Big Mac!  I cannot justify eating so many calories in one burger so I try to duplicate the taste on my own at home with a bison burger (low fat), lettuce, cheese, special sauce on a whole wheat bun.

If I really want to complete this make-believe meal…I buy fries at McDonald’s and munch on those with my burger.

This week many medical colleagues signed a protest letter to McDonald’s asking that they refrain from directing their advertising toward children…including the retirement of Ronald!

What do you think…do you indulge in McDonald’s???

“The creepiest photos of Ronald McDonald in recent history

After almost 50 years as a faithful fast food mascot, Ronald McDonald’s job is on the line. A child advocacy campaign has been launched to persuade the chain to retire Happy Meal clown. The watchdog group Corporate Accountability International published an open letter in newspapers across the country calling for McDonald’s to quit marketing their unhealthy food to children with the help of toys and a big orange clown.

Their cries are echoed by a recent marketing survey, but for different reasons. Seems a lot of people don’t think a giant clown with Bette Davis eyebrows and John Wayne Gacy lips is so kid-friendly. Go figure.

Back when Ron was first conceived in the ’60s, clowns were still developing their sinister reputation. These days we tend to associate a painted face and big boots with serial killers, child predators and deep emotional triggers. That makes it really hard for Ron to go out and do his job. Even a slightly too wide grin (see photo and never sleep again) can look harrowing on a grown man in a red-headed wig and lipstick surrounded by children. Here are 12 more nightmarish Rons that will scar you for life…”

via The creepiest photos of Ronald McDonald in recent history – Should McDonald’s fire Ronald? 13 creepy reasons why they should on Shine.

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