Preferred tastes and children…

I love Weighty Matters and healthy eating are just so important to children and adults. It is sometimes difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle and so easy to escape to fast food.

When we are pulled in all different directions it is a no-brainer to pull into the drive-up of our favorite restaurant chain and grab a meal.

I have been guilty of this. What entices me is the quest for the taste of pickles, mustard and ketchup on a burger with a small fries and a coke. Sound familiar?

I have no doubt that I can train myself to enjoy a healthier alternative. I surely do not want to train my granddaughter’s taste buds to prefer a “Happy Meal” over a healthier choice. The added prize of a toy is another enticement that is hard to resist. Perhaps I should keep a stash of toys and stickers to go along with homemade healthy meals…just a thought.

One thing I have noticed is moms getting together at our local McDonald’s after morning pre-school. There, they can gather and not worry about the lunch preparation or the mess…they can enjoy some conversation with each other while their kids sit playing with their food and toys. Their kids can even have their own table…it certainly takes more of an effort to do this at home. I would probably opt for convenience of ‘fast food’ for the company of another mom.

In any case, Yoni has given me “food for thought” with his post about training his taste buds to enjoy ‘black’ coffee and the effort that it takes to change a preferred taste.

So far, I still prefer “coffee regular” .

If children grow up in homes where their palates are trained to enjoy highly processed, highly salted, nutritionally bereft boxed foods, take out meals and restaurants, what chance do you think they’ll have at retraining their palates as adults to enjoy more healthful fare? What chance do you think their kids will have?

Eighteen hundred reintroductions is what it took to retrain my adult palate.

via Weighty Matters: Are you setting your kids up for lifetimes of dietary struggle or success?.

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