Off with the Soaps and on with ‘Chew,’ the Talk Show

Loyal soap followers were dealt a blow in April, when the network announced it was canceling the series after 40 years on TV. ABC also cut the soap opera “One Life to Live” after 42 years on the air.

But hope came in July when the network sold the rights to the beloved shows to the production company Prospect Park, which revealed its intent to carry on the show in a web version.

via Several ‘All My Children’ Cast Members Set To Stay As Soap Moves Online | Fox News.

On Monday, “All My Children” will be officially off the air and replaced with “The Chew” a food show….really!

I cannot believe it and have been in denial for months that my “stories” will no longer come on every afternoon just as sure as the sun rises and sets each day.

The reality for me is that I have been hooked on SOAPS since the 70’s sometime after Luke and Laura“s Wedding.

At the time, I was on bed rest for a phlebitis in my leg…a job hazard due to long hours working as a nurse on the night shift in a New York City hospital.

At noon each afternoon with my workplace in view from my apartment window I would flip on my TV and join my friends at Ryan’s tavern.

Ryan’s Hope” one of my all time favorites welcomed me…my problems and theirs merged and somehow mine were always diminished after thirty minutes with the Ryans.

Maeve and Jillian were like family…

…I swear I can still smell the stale beer.

All My Children  followed ….then Another World…

I was loyal most of the time but I have to tell the truth here…I did watch…One Life to Live and in later years I tuned in to Texas and Days of Our Lives.

I cried at the weddings and mourned at the funerals sharing the sadness when an actor died in real life and his character was eulogized in pictures on the screen.

My mom’s cousin was one of those formidable actors…Constance Ford.

She was mourned on Another World as a matriarch…she was a force to be reckoned with for years in her portrayal of Ada.

I cried when she died in real life and at her SOAP opera memorial tribute.

SOAPS…they are art imitating life.

It is a shame to see them disappear from daytime.

Over the years, I have missed my share of episodes as my life imitated the art form but I always knew they were just a click away when I had the chance to watch.

So tomorrow, when All My Children comes to an end…I will celebrate the fact that I was able to share in the years when SOAP OPERAS  ruled daytime and life although complicated was quite a lot simpler in many ways.

On ABC’s ‘Chew,’ the Talk Show Meets Cooking –

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  1. Sonny Spayd says:

    should post more often great read, also like the look of the page.

  2. Lovely post, spotted you on AOL and happy I clicked. Keep up the amazing work!

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