Alcohol and Sleep…

Sleep Like a Baby…

Sleep hygiene“…I love Dr. Breus’ “title” for a routine of healthy sleep habits. So many of us resort to sleep aides at one time or another whether it is alcohol or an over the counter medication with “PM” in the name.

This morning, I am watching the trial of Michael Jackson‘s doctor who was helping Michael to sleep when he died. Sleep is necessary and we crave it when we are tired and sleep deprived.

Parents become sleep deprived when a new baby arrives. Many of us can relate to this time in our lives.

Turning to alcohol as a sleep remedy is so common because it is so readily available but it does not make for restful night’s sleep according to sleep studies.

So why not try to learn some meditation techniques which not only can be helpful for inducing sleep but can also take the edge off a very hectic day.

Meditation does not have to be done sitting crossed legged humming…you can make it your own with some simple helpful suggestions.

If you want a healthy alternative to alcohol as a sleep remedy check out Jon Kabat Zinn’s work on “Mindfulness” you will never regret it.

One of the most basic and important topics I write about, and emphasize to my patients, is the idea of sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene means a routine of healthy, sleep-promoting habits that prepare and enable you to consistently receive a sound, full and restful night of sleep. When I talk about sleep hygiene, I’m not only encouraging good sleep habits, but encouraging making changes that don’t promote good quality sleep. One of the changes I find myself talking about most often has to do with alcohol consumption before bedtime.

via Dr. Michael J. Breus: Alcohol: Not A Friend To Sleep.

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