“Lourdes Pilgrims on Bus — Picturing God”

God seen and found among the sick in Lourdes, France.

via Lourdes Pilgrims on Bus — Picturing God.

Ignatian Spirituality renews my Faith on a regular basis which for me is an absolute necessity in today’s complex world.

I have searched along my life’s path for answers.

I have found some here and there.

But I always come back to the simple times in my life…my grandmother’s voice… “Say a prayer to the Blessed Mother, she will help you.”

When life seems to be too complicated I visit the Eucharistic Chapel at our parish for some silence…and moments alone with my thoughts.

I leave slightly lighter each time

Lourdes was one of those places I longed to visit as a child. I wanted to go there with my grandmother…just to see a miracle!

A nun, who was my mentor in high school visited Lourdes when she was very sick and was reported “cured”.  She never spoke of her experience but she was one of those people who with a special “charismatic” glow about her.

I never doubted she had been touched by God.

Anyway…thank-you Nana for instilling this childlike faith in me.

I do believe in miracles!

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Wife, mother, grandmother, registered nurse, licensed clinical social worker, blogger. Parent and child advocate, involved in life.
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