“When Forgettable Salads Cause A Deadly Outbreak” : The Salt : NPR

It’s an interesting finding, given that we hear a lot about how the long road from farm to fork — with food products zigzagging the globe at greater and greater distances — puts us at risk. Indeed, a salad made in Germany, or the U.S. for that matter, could easily have vegetables from several different countries in it. In this case, the contaminated sprouts came from a nearby German farm, but the seeds came from Egypt.

But it was partly the complexity of the salad itself – and the fact that it was topped with an exotic, but forgettable item like fenugreek sprouts – that made the investigation that much harder.

via When Forgettable Salads Cause A Deadly Outbreak : The Salt : NPR.

Seriously….be mindful of what you eat in restaurants.

Whoever pays attention to the ingredients in the salads they eat???

Well…it turns out in this case it was deadly…

Many of us eat in restaurants where the food is from many different countries…especially when we want a “caprese” salad in the winter.

I for one…never knowingly eat sprouts unless I wash them myself.

I have recently bought fruit and vegetable spray for my produce to prevent any exposure to listeria or e-coli.

So if you too want to clean what you eat…buy some “All Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash” at any grocer and use it as directed.

You may never know what bacteria you have cleaned off of your produce and maybe that is a “good thing”.

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