Trouble for Gilded-Age Beech Trees in Newport, Rhode Island –

NEWPORT, R.I. — In the Gilded Age, the rich built marble palaces here, surrounding them with exotic trees they acquired with the same ardor they brought to assembling their fabulous collections of art….

Their favorites were European beeches — green, copper and weeping beeches — trees they prized for their dramatic shapes and colors. Soon the streets of Newport’s mansion district were filled with the trees.

via Trouble for Gilded-Age Beech Trees in Newport, Rhode Island –

We are fond of Newport, RI and I often admire the beautiful trees that abound especially along Ocean Drive and Bellevue.

We are members of the Preservation Society in Newport…I was not familiar with all of their preservation efforts until I read the New York Times article describing the plight of the beautiful beech trees.

Driving around Newport…I am aware of the overall beauty of the area. The beech tree can probably take credit for creating the feeling that one is in an arboretum while driving in some areas of Aquidneck Island.

I share this beech tree saga…so that perhaps more visitors to Newport who enjoy the beauty will consider stopping by the Newport Mansions Store on Bowen’s Wharf and learn more about the history of Newport and perhaps join the Preservation Society to help keep Newport and save the beautiful beech trees.

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