Post Holiday Travel

I am here in LA enjoying some sun and a little bit of warmth.

Girlfriends, what do you do when you are away for a few days that helps to make memories to take home with you?

In LA, I am mostly with family, my daughter and granddaughter and I visit with a dear friend who helps run a homeless center in the heart of Hollywood. It is always humbling to visit and talk with those, who visit and utilize the services of The Center at Blessed Sacrament. These men and women may be very down on their luck but they show up for a mindfulness session a few days a week. It is here that some are able to share their vulnerabilities with other others. I am in awe when I sit down and participate in this group. It truly is a blessing for me to share with the men and women who call the streets of LA their home.

Last evening, I shared Mass of the Epiphany with a group of retired Immaculate Heart of Mary nuns. It was a sweet moment. I could remember the beloved nuns that shaped my young life and made me aware of the needs of others. My life was forever changed by the nuns at Marymount High School , Trinity College and then by the Jesuits at Loyola University Chicago. A person for others is a simple yet complex focus in life that has added to my happiness through both the good times and the difficult ones.

Today, I sit in Fullerton waiting for my sweet granddaughter’s cheerleading competition. There are thousands here for this event and it has been a VERY long afternoon waiting for their scheduled performance time! I am truly hoping for a successful experience for my granddaughter and then for a relaxing dinner somewhere delicious on the way home !

Memories, for me, are made of these awesome moments which ultimately change my life in sometimes enormous ways but mostly in small ones, which make me happy to live one day at a time!

About lorettelavine

Wife, mother, grandmother, registered nurse, licensed clinical social worker, blogger. Parent and child advocate, involved in life.
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