“When Forgettable Salads Cause A Deadly Outbreak” : The Salt : NPR

It’s an interesting finding, given that we hear a lot about how the long road from farm to fork — with food products zigzagging the globe at greater and greater distances — puts us at risk. Indeed, a salad made in Germany, or the U.S. for that matter, could easily have vegetables from several different countries in it. In this case, the contaminated sprouts came from a nearby German farm, but the seeds came from Egypt.

But it was partly the complexity of the salad itself – and the fact that it was topped with an exotic, but forgettable item like fenugreek sprouts – that made the investigation that much harder.

via When Forgettable Salads Cause A Deadly Outbreak : The Salt : NPR.

Seriously….be mindful of what you eat in restaurants.

Whoever pays attention to the ingredients in the salads they eat???

Well…it turns out in this case it was deadly…

Many of us eat in restaurants where the food is from many different countries…especially when we want a “caprese” salad in the winter.

I for one…never knowingly eat sprouts unless I wash them myself.

I have recently bought fruit and vegetable spray for my produce to prevent any exposure to listeria or e-coli.

So if you too want to clean what you eat…buy some “All Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash” at any grocer and use it as directed.

You may never know what bacteria you have cleaned off of your produce and maybe that is a “good thing”.

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Halloween…yeh or ney!


Facebook Friend: “20 something”

“I have a confession to make. I hate Halloween. I hate it. It’s such a forced holiday that really does nothing for me except subject me to awful costumes and ridiculous people. I’m not doing it this year. I’m boycotting Halloween. So thank you for all the invites to shindigs but count me out. Phew, I feel better now.”


Lorette Lavine:

“Adopt a child’s viewpoint for the holiday and remember when it was fun…forget about all the hype …just enjoy some of your favorite candy without the guilt :)”


Do you hate it?

If you do hate it….and  I have to admit after answering the door all night…I am not joyful…then…

try this…

imagine your favorite costume as a child…

all the candy you collected with your friends…

sit back and munch some sugary sweets … and

enjoy the memories.


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“Lourdes Pilgrims on Bus — Picturing God”

God seen and found among the sick in Lourdes, France.

via Lourdes Pilgrims on Bus — Picturing God.

Ignatian Spirituality renews my Faith on a regular basis which for me is an absolute necessity in today’s complex world.

I have searched along my life’s path for answers.

I have found some here and there.

But I always come back to the simple times in my life…my grandmother’s voice… “Say a prayer to the Blessed Mother, she will help you.”

When life seems to be too complicated I visit the Eucharistic Chapel at our parish for some silence…and moments alone with my thoughts.

I leave slightly lighter each time

Lourdes was one of those places I longed to visit as a child. I wanted to go there with my grandmother…just to see a miracle!

A nun, who was my mentor in high school visited Lourdes when she was very sick and was reported “cured”.  She never spoke of her experience but she was one of those people who with a special “charismatic” glow about her.

I never doubted she had been touched by God.

Anyway…thank-you Nana for instilling this childlike faith in me.

I do believe in miracles!

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Remembering…Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a remarkable man and has left an indelible footprint on the world.

He came from simple beginnings.

He was a Buddhist.

His genius is undeniable…

his wisdom is also undeniable.

He seemed to know the essence of making a difference, at least in his case.

He seemed to be true to himself…

and never forgot his humanity

and the fact that he would eventually die as will all of us.

In death, he is still remarkable.

He died from pancreatic cancer, a very lethal cancer which he fought…

but the cancer eventually won and claimed his life.

In life he may be very different from us…but in death we are all the same…


May he be remembered for his work but most of all …

May he be remembered for his humanity.

May he RIP.


Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)[6][7][8] was an American computer entrepreneur and inventor.

Jobs was born in San Francisco[1] and was adopted by the family of Paul Jobs and Clara Jobs (née Hagopian) of Mountain View, California.[6] Paul and Clara later adopted a daughter, Patti. Jobs’ biological parents – Abdulfattah John Jandali, a Syrian Muslim immigrant to the U.S.,[24][25] who later became a political science professor at the University of Nevada and is presently a vice president of Boomtown Hotel Casino in Reno, Nevada,[26] and Joanne Schieble (later Simpson), an American graduate student[27] of German ancestry[28] who went on to become a speech language pathologist[29] – eventually married. The marriage produced Jobs’ biological sister, novelist Mona Simpson; the two of them first met in 1986 as adults and have enjoyed a close relationship since, with Jobs regularly visiting Simpson in Manhattan. From Simpson, Jobs learned more about their birth parents and he invited his biological mother Joanne to some events.[30] Jandali claims that he didn’t want to put Jobs up for adoption but that Simpson’s parents did not approve of her marrying a Syrian. Jandali’s few attempts to contact Jobs were unsuccessful;[31] Jobs did not contact his biological father either.[32] Jandali gave an interview to The Sun in August 2011 when Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple; Jandali also mailed in his medical history after Job’s pancreatic disorder was made public that year.[33][34]

Waist-high portrait of man in his fifties wearing a black turtle-neck shirt and blue jeans, gesturing in front of a blue curtainSteve Jobs at the WWDC 07

via wikipedia

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Alcohol and Sleep…

Sleep Like a Baby…

Sleep hygiene“…I love Dr. Breus’ “title” for a routine of healthy sleep habits. So many of us resort to sleep aides at one time or another whether it is alcohol or an over the counter medication with “PM” in the name.

This morning, I am watching the trial of Michael Jackson‘s doctor who was helping Michael to sleep when he died. Sleep is necessary and we crave it when we are tired and sleep deprived.

Parents become sleep deprived when a new baby arrives. Many of us can relate to this time in our lives.

Turning to alcohol as a sleep remedy is so common because it is so readily available but it does not make for restful night’s sleep according to sleep studies.

So why not try to learn some meditation techniques which not only can be helpful for inducing sleep but can also take the edge off a very hectic day.

Meditation does not have to be done sitting crossed legged humming…you can make it your own with some simple helpful suggestions.

If you want a healthy alternative to alcohol as a sleep remedy check out Jon Kabat Zinn’s work on “Mindfulness” you will never regret it.

One of the most basic and important topics I write about, and emphasize to my patients, is the idea of sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene means a routine of healthy, sleep-promoting habits that prepare and enable you to consistently receive a sound, full and restful night of sleep. When I talk about sleep hygiene, I’m not only encouraging good sleep habits, but encouraging making changes that don’t promote good quality sleep. One of the changes I find myself talking about most often has to do with alcohol consumption before bedtime.

via Dr. Michael J. Breus: Alcohol: Not A Friend To Sleep.

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Off with the Soaps and on with ‘Chew,’ the Talk Show

Loyal soap followers were dealt a blow in April, when the network announced it was canceling the series after 40 years on TV. ABC also cut the soap opera “One Life to Live” after 42 years on the air.

But hope came in July when the network sold the rights to the beloved shows to the production company Prospect Park, which revealed its intent to carry on the show in a web version.

via Several ‘All My Children’ Cast Members Set To Stay As Soap Moves Online | Fox News.

On Monday, “All My Children” will be officially off the air and replaced with “The Chew” a food show….really!

I cannot believe it and have been in denial for months that my “stories” will no longer come on every afternoon just as sure as the sun rises and sets each day.

The reality for me is that I have been hooked on SOAPS since the 70’s sometime after Luke and Laura“s Wedding.

At the time, I was on bed rest for a phlebitis in my leg…a job hazard due to long hours working as a nurse on the night shift in a New York City hospital.

At noon each afternoon with my workplace in view from my apartment window I would flip on my TV and join my friends at Ryan’s tavern.

Ryan’s Hope” one of my all time favorites welcomed me…my problems and theirs merged and somehow mine were always diminished after thirty minutes with the Ryans.

Maeve and Jillian were like family…

…I swear I can still smell the stale beer.

All My Children  followed ….then Another World…

I was loyal most of the time but I have to tell the truth here…I did watch…One Life to Live and in later years I tuned in to Texas and Days of Our Lives.

I cried at the weddings and mourned at the funerals sharing the sadness when an actor died in real life and his character was eulogized in pictures on the screen.

My mom’s cousin was one of those formidable actors…Constance Ford.

She was mourned on Another World as a matriarch…she was a force to be reckoned with for years in her portrayal of Ada.

I cried when she died in real life and at her SOAP opera memorial tribute.

SOAPS…they are art imitating life.

It is a shame to see them disappear from daytime.

Over the years, I have missed my share of episodes as my life imitated the art form but I always knew they were just a click away when I had the chance to watch.

So tomorrow, when All My Children comes to an end…I will celebrate the fact that I was able to share in the years when SOAP OPERAS  ruled daytime and life although complicated was quite a lot simpler in many ways.

On ABC’s ‘Chew,’ the Talk Show Meets Cooking – NYTimes.com.

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Jackie Kennedy…

Jackie Kennedy cannot comment on her recently released interviews but it is so very important to remember the context surrounding them

She was young and recently widowed and grew up in a different era…she was a breath of fresh air after Mamie Eisenhower.

Most of our idols have flaws. But in a family that has ruthlessly guarded the images of President Kennedy and his wife and presented them both as admirable and heroic, it is significant and commendable that Caroline Kennedy would allow the release of these interviews, showing a fuller, more complex, sometimes disconcerting, even disappointing picture of her mother. The subject herself, who died in 1994, was famously controlling of her public image, instructing in her will that her children “make every effort to prevent publication of her personal papers, letters and writings,” according to her daughter’s thoughtful forward to the book. These particular interviews were always going to be made public eventually, but Caroline Kennedy’s decision to publish them as part of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of JFK’s presidency was a brave one. At a time when there could have been only hagiographic reminiscences, this is a compelling and necessary contribution to a fuller portrait of the Kennedy years.

via Jackie Kennedy, warts and all – latimes.com.

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