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Trouble for Gilded-Age Beech Trees in Newport, Rhode Island – NYTimes.com

NEWPORT, R.I. — In the Gilded Age, the rich built marble palaces here, surrounding them with exotic trees they acquired with the same ardor they brought to assembling their fabulous collections of art…. Their favorites were European beeches — green, … Continue reading

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Safer Sushi

I love Sushi and can recommend a few of my favorite places…but will do that in a later post….found this to be interesting fodder for sushi foodies! “For eco-minded eaters — not to mention radiation alarmists — fish is a … Continue reading

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No Time for Exercise???

Do you fidget?…well it just might be you way to “workout” on the job! “If work is interfering with your plans for a workout today, perhaps you should drum your fingers against your desktop in frustration. Doing so may help, … Continue reading

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Is Sugar Toxic?

Yesterday, ‘The New York Times’ Magazine’ devoted a large section to answering the question of whether or not sugar is actually a toxin. Pretty scary if you think about the implications of the word toxin. Anyone who has dieted knows … Continue reading

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Too Much Sharing of Feelings With Kids?

Wonderful post … I am a therapist and this really hits home. But you do not have to be a therapist to appreciate this information…. What do you think? Do you analyze your kids to any degree? THE PARENT AS … Continue reading

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Charlie Sheen…

LOS ANGELES — Since getting sober more than two decades ago, Tom Arnold, the actor and comedian, has been a quiet force in Hollywood’s recovery community, helping stage a number of interventions for drug-addicted executives and alcoholic stars. But even … Continue reading

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Oatmeal…Starbuck’s vs. McDonald’s

I love Mark Bittman’s columns…he really gets his point across and makes the case for fixing your own food at home in a easy and healthy way. Inspired by Mark’s recent column in the New York Times, I am including … Continue reading

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