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Jamie Oliver: Why We Need to Learn to Cook

I have posted about Jamie Oliver in the past…he has a great approach to healthy eating and children. Prevention of childhood obesity is so important to the overall health of our children and future generations. It is a sad fact … Continue reading

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Anthony Weiner – New York’s 9th District

Protecting Children On the Internet In early 2007 my office did a study that found that over 85% of registered sex offenders in New York City live less than five blocks from schools, and 670 sex offenders live within just … Continue reading

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Tumblr…. I have a blog on Tumblr, which if you follow anyone on Tumblr you know it is a totally different type of blogging experience. In the next few weeks I will be evaluated for an electrophysiologic procedure which is … Continue reading

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Nutrition Plate Unveiled ….

“The first lady, Michelle Obama, on Thursday relegated the government’s well-known food pyramid to the sands of history, unveiling a new, simpler image of a plate divided into basic food groups. The new design, called MyPlate, was conceived as a … Continue reading

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Dr. Death Dies…

This week two reports caught my eye….the death of “Dr. Death” and the resurgence of another person who is packaging kits for assisted suicides. Jack Kevorkian finally died …it seems that he was unassisted but who really knows. I wonder … Continue reading

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‘Hypersexual disorder’ …a DSM-5 diagnosis???

Nature or nurture …what is the cause of “bad behaviour”? The growing prominence of sexual behavior problems has prompted psychiatrists to consider creating a new type of mental disorder — “hypersexual disorder” — characterized by excessive and risky sexual behavior. … Continue reading

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