UCSF study … diet and longevity…

If you are looking to increase longevity and are willing to change your eating habits in a very serious way…then you must read this article.

This diet is not for everyone but it is an interesting lifestyle if you want to live a long life.

Of course nothing is guaranteed!

“Trent Arsenault has eaten the same breakfast, lunch and dinner almost every day for the past four or five years: a fruit smoothie in the morning, a spinach salad at noon and another fruit smoothie after work.

Every now and then he’ll add a snack to his day. Maybe a spoonful of almond butter or a few walnuts.

All in all, Arsenault consumes about 1,800 calories a day – or several hundred calories fewer than what a typical man his size would expect to eat.

via UCSF study takes closer look at calorie restrictors.

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    Thank you for this usable topic. Nice post. I think I wlill back here soon. Site added to my favourities 🙂

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